Posted by on August 22, 2017

There were so many special moments during this family session! I loved every second of it! How about these babies?! Zach and Luke are 5 months old, and are some of the cutest twins I know! Sarah and Brian make some adorable babies, and their love for each other is incredible. They are both so sweet, and super awesome parents! Stephanie and Kelly are the best aunts Zach and Luke could ask for! They love those babies with all of their hearts, and they look great while doing it. Stephanie is actually one of my 2018 brides, and I can’t wait to shoot her wedding! Her and Ian are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see how beautiful their day will be! Sarah, Kelly, and Stephanie have the sweetest parents! Shelly and Kevin are a match made in heaven and they should be super proud of the three amazing women they raised! Shelly was worried she would blink in every picture but she was wrong…she looks beautiful in every picture! Thank you for allowing me to capture such special memories for you! God bless!!

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