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On May 27th, Jacob and I tied the knot..then it was off to our 10 day honeymoon in the Dominican Republic! More specifically, Punta Cana. We were so blessed and excited to be going on this trip, I’m pretty sure we didn’t believe it was real until about the fifth day in when we got sunburnt. Punta Cana is so beautiful you literally feel like you’re in a dream. I took WAY too many pictures, almost 1,000 to be exact (I may have a slight problem). Anyway, we got some really cool footage of our trip as well. We have a vlog post coming in the near future! We have been so busy since we got back to the states, it’s crazy. This blog post is a few weeks overdue, but I am so excited to finally have the time to sit down and write about our experience!

Majestic Colonial Resort is a high-end 5-star, all-inclusive resort situated on the pristine coastline of Punta Cana. It was Jacob and I’s first time staying at an all-inclusive resort and it was such an amazing experience! The beach was surreal, the food was amazing, our room was cozy, the entertainment was great, and the people were so sweet.

Beach Life

Majestic Colonial is located on the beautiful seafront of the Caribbean waters. Some of the best beaches in the world are located in Punta Cana. It’s beaches are protected by a coral reef, so there isn’t a wave break making the waters rough. Without breaking waves, the water is perfect for swimming. I’m afraid to swim where I can’t see what’s beside me (or under my foot). If you’re anything like me this beach IS A DREAM. You can casually swim without worrying when Jaws music is going to start playing. You think I’m kidding, but if you know me you know I’m dead serious. Literally I was so giggly the whole time because for once, I wasn’t afraid! I was carefree and just in awe of God’s creation.

Jacob and I went for a long walk on the beach one day wanting to discover something new. We saw there weren’t resorts in some areas, and we decided to go check it out. As we were on our long walk, we quickly realized that some parts of the beach have a larger reef protecting the seafront than others. The areas that had a larger reef protecting the beach had some seaweed that would wash up to the shore. This included our resort. Dominican seaweed is nothing like ours in the states, it’s more of a beautiful flowered seaweed. While the water was still ridiculously beautiful, it was a surprise to us that there would be anything on the shoreline. As we walked past the beaches without the larger reef, there wasn’t any seaweed. However, their waves were HUGE. Most people were boogie-boarding, or body surfing because it was nearly impossible to just swim. It seemed crazy to us that only a couple of miles along the shore, the beach could be so different. It’s all about the reef creating a barrier and which water you would rather have!

As we reached the beach area without resorts, there were palm trees everywhere. There were no resorts or anything on this part of the beach. Probably not the safest, but definitely adventurous and that’s what we live for. Completely undomesticated and full of wildlife. That also means…WILD COCONUTS. We found some rotten ones, some that weren’t quite ripe, and some that were PERFECT. When a coconut is ripe, it contains the “meat”. A ripe coconut also looks like the stereotypical brown, hairy coconut on Wal-Mart’s shelves. When a coconut isn’t quite ripe, it’s green in color and contains only coconut water. While we did have one on our excursion to drink (more coming on that later), we really wanted one with some meat! The “meat” is defined as the hard white layer of coconut surrounding the inside of the magical fruit. We found some nice hairy ones, and still had a sip of even sweeter coconut water out of them! You know, before devouring them like it was our job. We ended up eating one on vacation and even brought one home! Score!


Our resort has a total of 7 different restaurants and let me tell you, it’s the ultimate experience! To have lobster, fresh seafood, AND filet mignon available everyday included in our stay was unbelievable. Majestic features 7 specialty restaurants – each a gourmet experience from around the world! There were Japanese, Mexican, and French restaurants, a steak house, a seafood restaurant (right on the beach), and even a couple traditional Dominican-style buffets. There is definitely something for everyone! With that being said, I’m not too much of an adventurous eater. Although the food was delicious, by the end of our stay I was ready for some pizza rolls and Doritos.

Being an all-inclusive resort, all of our drinks were free as well. I’m pretty sure we drank our weight in non-alcoholic drinks. Jacob fell in love with their famous “Majestic” smoothie, which basically tastes like an orange dreamsicle or an orange push pop. Kid you not, he probably had about 10 a day. I tried to be a little more adventurous and try new drinks to see if we were missing out on anything, but my favorite by far was still the virgin strawberry daiquiri! Classic, but delicious.

Their desserts were all VERY different. You think you know what something is, then you taste it and it becomes a mystery all over again. Side note: remember their cheesecake is not like ours! We got super excited one night after hibachi because they said they had cheesecake. PSA: it is not cheesecake. It’s more of a mousse. It’s like a Yoplait whip yogurt, super light and fluffy. They’re a lot healthier in the DR than us Americans. We’re used to that thick, rich, full-of-calories, there-goes-my-diet-and-my-favorite-pants cheesecake. You have been warned; don’t get your hopes up. However, you absolutely have to go to the french restaurant at least once to try their crème brûlée topped with pistachio ice cream. UHH-Mazing.


Cheesin’ hardcore because we always had fun with the workers at our resort. Majestic Colonial has an entire entertainment staff solely to make you have a good time. They are some of the most fun people you will ever meet in your life. They have games on the beach every morning. The games are different almost everyday. There was beach volleyball, horse-shoes, darts, olympic games, races, bocce ball, and a ton of other fun things! They then hosted Zumba on the beach followed by more games at the pool! They also had a foam party in the pool a couple of times a week. They literally shot a ton of bubbles ALL OVER everyone in the pool and it was like a giant bubble bath with strangers. Sounds a little weird, but I promise it was lit. So. Much. Fun. Every night there was a live band with a dance floor from about 6-9. There were some really good musicians who put on a really great show! Then at 9:30 each night, there was a show at the theatre. The best show we saw was the Michael Jackson show! However there was also a circus, a rock show, a couple’s show, and a lot more super entertaining acts! There are also a ton of dreamy excursions available, and I will make a separate blog post recapping our excursion because we went to another island!


Majestic welcomed us to our room with a sign on our door that read “Honeymooners”, and a couple of complimentary desserts with a sweet letter for us. After being wowed by their generosity, Jacob and I were equally impressed with the comfort of the rooms. Majestic was running a “Honeymoon Special” so they upgraded our room for free. We had a jacuzzi in our room, an early check-in and late checkout, a free breakfast in bed and a romantic dinner on the beach. The beds were soft and cozy, and the bathroom had a unique modern design with a huge walk-in shower. They had cute little towels folded into swans, robes with slippers, Dominican chocolates, and a fridge full of pop and water. The maids would come in everyday to clean your room as well as make your bed before dinner. While you were at dinner they would sneak in again and TURN DOWN YOUR COVERS. What?! So sweet. Our room also featured a balcony, a flat-screen TV and a sitting area with sofas. We had a coffeemaker with 2 complimentary packs of coffee everyday. A good friend told us to put the packs of coffee in our bag that we didn’t drink. We had a nice little stash by the end of our stay!


As I mentioned previously, the maids were unbelievably kind and gracious. Pictured above is another sweet friend Jordany from the hibachi grill. He had us laughing all night long. We also came to be pretty great friends with some of the guys on the entertainment team. Our best friend’s name Gasolina (aka Darwins). Such a sweet and loving guy! Always giving us hugs and high fives! Some of the workers, like Gasolina, spoke English fairly well. A lot of the other workers weren’t fluent at all and could only speak a phrase or two. Even though they couldn’t speak English well, they were all sweethearts. The workers there don’t get paid well at all. Even though our resort said tips are not needed, we always tipped. We even gave a few people like our maid and Gasolina big tips just to be a blessing and thank them for being so kind.

Final Thoughts

Majestic Colonial Resort is the ultimate all-inclusive experience in Punta Cana! Whether you come for the food, the pristine beaches, or a relaxing getaway it will definitely be an experience you won’t ever forget!

Stay tuned for more travel updates!

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