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Passion 2018 – Levi Lusko

2 Corinthians 4:16, “ Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”

This letter in the Bible was written by the Apostle Paul to the church in Corinth. Paul is the perfect example that nobody is too far gone. I mean Saul went from persecuting Christians (literally wanting to kill them), to becoming a Christian. Saul is eventually called Paul because he was no longer that same person. He was a born again believer seeking God with his whole heart. Something that Levi said that I thought was really awesome went a little something like this, “The darker the case, the more space for Gods grace.” The God who rose Jesus from the grave, will also rise you up.

The more you look forward to the next world, the less you’ll need from this world.

You know, as Millennials we all have this fear of missing out. We are told to seize the day and live in the moment. We’re told that we will all be dead soon, so we shouldn’t miss out on an adventure. We all try to outdo each other via social media. I mean how many times do we scroll through our newsfeed and think, “Wow. Why can’t I look like her?” or “Wow. I wish I had that.” We unconsciously brag about our lives without even blinking twice. It’s the norm. It’s accepted. Look at how many selfies are posted everyday. You go to someone’s Instagram and its all about “me, me, me” rather than about Jesus Christ. We should all be bragging about His love and grace rather than about our own accomplishments.

It’s not about what we do for God, it’s about what He has done for us. Be humble, be forgotten, be irrelevant, be hidden. That’s something we don’t hear too often, but thats exactly what God wants us to do. Be faithful in the small things. Don’t be prideful, be full of love. Follow God’s calling for your life.

You cannot handle the weight of the pressure that those temporary things put on your soul. That THING (travel, your spouse, your kids, your weight, ect.) won’t make you happy. Yes those things bring us temporary happiness, but one day it will fade away. If you find your happiness in God rather than in the  things this world has to offer, you can smile through the hardest of times. God will fill and complete you, the things of this world will not.

There is eating and drinking after earth. We will be flesh and blood but without all of the sin and disease. We will be able to do so much more when we die! There will be a new earth centered around Jesus Christ. Everything will be beautiful and everything will be perfect. Isaiah 55:12 says that the trees will clap and the mountains will sing. How beautiful will that day be?

The less you need from this world, the more you can make a difference in this world.

The less you need from this world, the more you can withstand pain in it.

The less you need from this world, the more you can actually enjoy it.

God will turn the agony into glory in Heaven. Whatever broke you on earth will exalt His name in Heaven. He will fill those empty parts of your heart if you let Him. You will bring Glory to His name.

We can simply be faithful, we can enjoy life knowing that our happiness is founding Jesus.

Mind your own business and use your own hands. Excel at what God has called you to do. Quit looking at other people’s calling. Don’t follow your dreams, follow Jesus. They will come back better than you could have ever done.

Our life here on earth weighs problems. It’s like a little scale that weighs in grams. We know the weight of each burden and we keep track. We get discouraged because of how much our problems weigh. If we start to measure things on God’s scale (in pounds), we realize that those problems don’t even turn His scale on. He doesn’t weigh our problems, He says He has already done that when He sent His Son to die on the cross. We shouldn’t be keeping track of how much our problems weigh because God has already taken those problems from us when He died on the cross. When you fix your eyes on Jesus and have an eternal perspective, your problems disappear. They won’t even turn your scale on.

I linked the full message that Levi Lusko brought to Passion 2018 in case any of you would like to watch the full sermon. I love his analogy at the end with the scales! I did my best to describe it but I definitely think seeing it has a bigger impact! This was the perfect way to kick off Passion 2018, and I hope the perfect way to kick off your new year!



Thank you Jesus.

We love you.


Pray with me.

-Dear God, please forgive me for seeking happiness in worldly things. Please fill me with Your overwhelming joy and happiness. You tell us that You are the true source of happiness, the only One who can fill us. Please help me to remember that all the days of my life. I pray that our generation as a whole would start to realize the power that you have to bring us eternal happiness. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. We love you. Amen.-

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