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About a month ago, my husband and I visited the beautiful country of Mexico. More specifically, Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a Mexican beach resort city on the Pacific Ocean. Some people call the city PV for short. There are so many fun things to do while in Puerto Vallarta, and the scenery is breathtaking.


Puerto Vallarta is absolutely stunning. As most of you know, Jacob and I love the beach. Pretty much any beach, anywhere, anytime. PV is exceptionally beautiful because the beach is surrounded by mountains. We’ve never had the opportunity to see the two together until this trip. It was amazing! Being on the Pacific Ocean, we also had the opportunity to see the sunset over the ocean. We have some pretty sunsets back here in Ohio, but nothing compares to watching the sun sink down over the ocean water.


Jacob and I stayed at the Grand Fiesta All Inclusive Resort courtesy of the awesome company he works for (Washington National). PMA sends their employees on a free vacation every year if they hit their sales goal. This year, the sales celebration was held in Puerto Vallarta at the Grand Fiesta Resort. Grand Fiesta was an amazing stay! The resort is beach front, and looks out into what is called Banderas Bay. Mountains surround your balcony view in a “u” shape, and your view is perfect for whale watching! We saw a ton of marine life from our balcony, as well as at the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. They have a total of 8 amazing restaurants, as well as a fitness center and spa. Jacob and I decided to check out the spa on a rainy day. We ended up getting the couples massage, and it was amazing! The workers are so sweet and do a fantastic job!


Like I said, the Grand Fiesta Resort has 8 restaurants so you can always get what you’re in the mood for. They have Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and many more! Our favorite was the Mexican restaurant. They actually made our guacamole in front of us! The guy brings his cart to your table and makes your guac perfectly! The filet is also to die for. I mean, the best steak we have ever had. To finish off, make sure to get the chocolate cake with ice cream…YUM! Another favorite of ours was the buffet that they served down on the beach! There were always so many options and unlimited pico de gallo. The best kind of salsa you will ever eat. There were so many amazing meals, and anything you could ever dream of.

Beach Life

As y’all know Jacob and I are beach people. We love tropical vacations and lying on the beach with out feet in the sand. We love to swim in the ocean (preferably when we can see the bottom, but sometimes we get adventurous). PV’s beach is surrounded by mountains as well lots and lots of rock. Grand Fiesta had huge rock formations in the water so you couldn’t really swim a whole lot. Jacob and I love looking for sea shells as well but PV’s sand was literally just crushed up rock. We couldn’t find seashells anywhere. If you’re a huge beach person, Puerto Vallarta might not be the perfect place for you, but it is very unique and still fun to see! We also visited during winter so the water was ice cold, and there was a rip current. The tide was definitely rough and people who were swimming around the rocks actually got hurt! The waves knocked them into the rocks and they got all cut up, ouch! You definitely want to be mindful of what season you visit in if you’re looking to swim in the ocean! The good thing about visiting when we did was that we got to see a ton of whales, and we could just chill in the infinity pool all day.


Puerto Vallarta is known for it’s excursions and adventurous tours. There are so many wonderful and exciting things you can do! From whale watching (December to March), to zip lining through the mountains, to repelling down waterfalls, there really is something for everyone! Jacob and I have learned that if you’re going to an all-inclusive resort, you have to get out one day. We got to visit the city of Jalisco one day, and see all of the little shops and life in the town! You have to go visit a city, or go on an adventure that you normally wouldn’t. You see the city you’re visiting in a whole new light and it is so fun to adventure and see new things! We looked up reviews and decided to go on the Outdoor Adventure which was ranked #1 on Trip Advisor, and it was also featured on National Geographic! I will talk all about it on my next blog post!

Final Thoughts

All in all, Puerto Vallarta was absolutely amazing. The scenery alone is worth a visit! The food, stay, and service are just added bonuses. Visiting in winter isn’t for everyone as it did take away from swimming in the ocean and hanging out on the beach, but in turn we got to see a ton of whales which was exciting and unique to winter! Grand Fiesta is an amazing resort with plenty of delicious food options! Their infinity pool overlooks the ocean and is perfect for lounging around. Jacob definitely wants to go back one day, whereas I think once is good for me! I feel like it is a bucket list must, but I’m not sure if I’d desire to go back a second time. While it is amazing, I just love to adventure and see new places rather than visiting the same old spots. Maybe Puerto Vallarta will be the one spot you never want to leave. Don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself!

God bless you and your travels!

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