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Jacob and I looked up reviews on excursions while in Puerto Vallarta and decided to go on the Outdoor Adventure which was ranked #1 on Trip Advisor, and was also featured on National Geographic!


Make sure you bring water shoes or old tennis shoes, because Jacob and I only had our good Adidas with us and didn’t want to ruin them! We decided to buy water shoes when we got there which was by far one of the best decisions we made. I also recommend athletic clothes and a bathing suit, because you will be soaked. Take it from me, jean shorts weren’t the best option for this excursion haha. Unfortunately it was all I brought to Mexico so I made them work! Also note that you aren’t allowed to bring a camera, or a GoPro on the trip and you will have to buy your photos and videos after the tour if you choose.

Outdoor Adventure

Jacob and I started out our day by getting a taxi to town where our boat would take off. We then hopped on our little boat and headed over to Boca de Tomatlan where we would get out our safari bus. From there we headed up the mountains to start our trip. When we arrived at the Vallarta Adventures facility, we got all of our equipment on and headed out on our tour.

We started our adventure by riding on mules up the mountains. They were super easy to ride and knew exactly where they were going. Their personalities were hilarious, and I was laughing almost the entire time. Jacob started in front of me and his mule wouldn’t let mine pass. Mine kept moving her head and speeding up to go for the pass, and Jacob’s mule would cut mine off everytime. Finally my mule snuck us by Jacob’s and then wouldn’t let Jacob’s mule pass her, hahaha. It was honestly one of the funniest things I’ve experienced and wish they were filming it!

After about a 20 minute ride on our mules, we arrived at our first zip lining location. Before this, I had never been zip lining. Jacob had been once before and wasn’t a huge fan because he said it wasn’t worth the money. After going through these zip lines, his mind is completely changed. They are super long and you actually go incredibly fast! The mountains surround you and are absolutely stunning.

After a few more ziplines, we arrived at a massive waterfall. I can now say I have repelled down a waterfall! It was crazy and to me it was far more scary than the zip lines were, haha! What makes it so sketchy is that you have to lean all the way back to start repelling. Lean back as in parallel to the ground 100 ft in the air! The only thing stopping you from falling is your bottom hand grip. Crazy. But it was amazing, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

From there, you do another zip line into a natural pool of water. In the summer, I’m sure it would be refreshing, but being that it was winter when we went…it was FREEZING. Of course the workers think its hilarious and splash you in the face before helping you up, hah.

From there you do a few more zip lines and then you get to another huge waterfall. You repel down it a different way. You go out on the platform and then drop down on a rope.

You then get on a water slide as if you aren’t cold enough, lol. You can even go down with your significant other which as great. My advice is to sit behind your significant other so the water hit’s them in the face and not you, hah! I didn’t think about that and I sat in the front! I covered my head to stop some of the freezing cold water from pelting me in the face, haha, but it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped.

From there, you do another zip line and you arrive at the next stop. It’s optional, but almost everyone participated. You jump off of a 15 ft high platform into another natural pool of water. Of course this would only happen to me, but I actually ended up busting my head open somehow! We’re still not sure if it was my gear that hit my head or my helmet, but I actually needed stitches! There wasn’t really any first aid on the workers and we were in the middle of the mountains, so we cleaned up the blood and put pressure on my wound until the end of the course. One of the sweetest workers, Maria (my new best friend) gave me her green bandana (pictured below) to keep it clean and keep pressure on it until we finished!

After a few more ziplines, there was a huge water slide. With my head being busted open, I couldn’t participate in this one and honestly…I wasn’t mad lol. Jacob said this slide was WICKED. They gave him a face mask and elbow pads!!! This is a WATER SLIDE  y’all! Jacob said he honestly needed them too. He said his head was hitting the top of the tube and he was flying all around in the slide haha. Crazy, and that’s how the adventure ends! They didn’t take any photographs of him all geared up for the slide, but you can watch the video on my vlog! I will be posting our video in a couple of days!

When we got to the bottom, the owner stitched me up. I talked him into just doing butterflies since it was on my face, so thankfully my scar isn’t massive. The workers kept calling me a warrior in their Mexican accent and it made me laugh every time, hah. They were all super-duper nice and helpful. If you’re curious to see what my cut looked like, the picture below was the day after it happened! So after all of the blood was done gushing and what not! Now it’s healed up pretty nicely, but I do have a scar…my free souvenir as Jacob calls it! (insert upside down smiley face emoji here 🙃)

Speaking of souvenirs, to buy all of our photos and videos, it was around $89. Kind of expensive if you ask me, but definitely worth it! I mean how often are you going to do an adventure like this? Honestly probably only once in your life, so you must have photographs to remember your crazy adventure! After looking at/purchasing your photos, there’s some complimentary pico and chips. You can also buy cheese quesadillas and guac which were amazing.

You leave Vallarta Adventures and hop back on the safari bus, then back on the boat. While riding back to PV, the boat driver stops at Los Arcos! These are small beautiful granite islands protruding from the sea surface visible even from downtown PV. They have been protected as a National Marine Park since 1984. They’re also on the San Andreas Fault Line and the depths of the sea around them range from 30 to 1,800 ft! They’re beautiful and a big attraction many people want to see in PV.

Final Thoughts

We ended the trip back where we started, and took a taxi back to Grand Fiesta! The trip took about 8 hours total, so make sure you plan it on a day you don’t have anything else to do! We loved this Outdoor Adventure and definitely recommend it to any adventurous souls!

God bless you and your travels!

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