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Last week Jacob and I were soaking up the sunshine and warm weather in Florida! We went on the most epic double date ever and brought our friends Zach and Kelsey! Jacob and I won a free vacation through a timeshare company. We got a 3 day 2 night vacation for free, and all we had to do was sit through a two hour time share. Sounds like a pretty great trade to me! We got to bring 2 people along so of course we had to take our fav couple!

We knew we would want to stay in Florida a little longer if we would already be down there, so we added an extra night in our hotel as well as a stay at an Airbnb in Orlando! Our flights were only $57 round trip, so this trip was ridiculously cheap! We flew Spirit so we only took personal bags (you have to pay extra for carry ons). I used to be someone who would pack way too many outfits for a vacation because I didn’t know what I would want to wear. Well, now I’m basically a professional packer. I fit everything I needed for a week in a big purse. Yes, small victories. Hah, anyway here are a few fun things we got to do while in Florida!

Sonny’s BBQ 

We landed in Orlando, and from there drove to St. Pete’s beach. We rented a car for the week and went for a little road trip. It took us about 2 hours to get from Orlando to St. Pete. On the way to our hotel we ate a Sonny’s BBQ and my, oh my. If you ever see one, stop. You won’t be sorry.

St. Pete Beach

After checking into our hotel and getting all settled in, we headed directly to the beach. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a blast walking along the shore, swimming in the ocean, and laying out to tan. You know, typical beach activities. Then we headed back to our room to get around for a delicious dinner!

Pizza Box

We ate at some hole in the wall called the Pizza Box. They had enough seating for about 20 people, and the kitchen was right next to us. The entire restaurant was completely open, and kind of like a wide hallway. Kinda crazy when you think about it, but it also created an aesthetic atmosphere. They had the most unusual, wood fired pizzas. We ordered the beer cheese garden and the spicy goat cheese pizza…I think. There were so many weird pizzas we talked about trying, I don’t even remember which ones we decided on. Anyway, the point is…their pizzas were AMAZING. Literally never had anything like it. Not gonna lie the place looked a little sketchy at first and we almost didn’t eat there, but we are so glad we did!

Blue Green Vacations

The next day we ate breakfast in our hotel and then headed back to the beach! After chillin’ on the beach for a couple of hours, we headed to listen to the time share spiel. You know, the only reason we went to Florida…for a free vacation. We made up our minds that we weren’t going to buy. We had rehearsed our “why we can’t” excuses and walked in to the Tradewinds Resort ready to say no.

After hearing what Blue Green Vacations is all about and the modern way of doing a “time share”…we couldn’t resist. You are no longer limited to one week out of the year at a fixed location. You buy points and you can use the points to travel every year. You can travel anywhere that Blue Green Vacations has a resort! Which is honestly almost anywhere! Our favorites being Hawaii and Aruba! As much as we travel, we will honestly be SAVING money in the long run. There are a ton of amazing factors that changed our minds, but honestly it was a total God thing. The guy that was talking to us was a Christian and it was an absolute blessing to be able to buy something that will guarantee us a lifetime of memories. Not just a lifetime of memories with each other but also with our future kiddos. We can even will our time share to our kids when we die! How amazing is that? We can leave our kids a lifetime of free vacations! Anyway, if you want more information on a time share or even just interested in a free vacation…send me a message! I would love to send you more info.

As Jacob and I are buying our timeshare, Zach and Kelsey are getting completely fried. I mean, we get back and they were red from head to toe. They looked like tomatoes with faces. They were good sports about it though. We’re pretty sure Zach got sun poisoning…yeah it was bad. But they were determined to not let it ruin their vacation! Don’t worry, they’re alive.


We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner that night! We didn’t know where we wanted eat. We wanted to try new places but we tried to go to like three different places we didn’t know of and they were all closed. So, we drove past a Cheddar’s and couldn’t resist. Their food was amazing as usual, they never disappoint. The spin dip is my fav. Also, the steak was pretty bomb. After stuffing our faces, we headed back to the room to finish the night off with a movie.

Fourth Street Shrimp Store

Sunday we were going to go to Shell Island where you can apparently find any and every seashell imaginable. Jacob and I love shelling so we were stoked, but there was a tropical storm so that was a no go. Instead we headed out to get some delicious lunch. We found this super cute little restaurant called Fourth Street Shrimp Store. I’m sure that was easy for you to read, but say it out loud…go ahead. Hard, huh? It should be on the list of impossible tongue twisters. Say it five times fast. Tell me how long it takes you to successfully complete, haha. Aside from the name, this restaurant was amazing! We ordered the all you can eat shrimp and it didn’t disappoint. The fried shrimp was definitely the best. Mmm, my mouth is currently watering just thinking about it. If you are ever in the area you definitely need to stop! 10/10 would recommend.

Xtreme Fun Center

Like I said, there was a tropical storm rollin’ through, so we had to entertain ourselves inside. We decided to check out the Xtreme Fun Center in St. Pete and it was honestly great. We played laser tag, and rocked the arcade and batting cages. Lit, I know. It was even more cool that we got to celebrate Johnny’s 5th birthday with him! Just kidding…I don’t know what his name was, haha. I’m funny…but seriously, it was a great time and we were happy to spend a couple of hours shooting each other and playing arcade games just to win some cheap candy. If that isn’t your Sunday mood, I don’t know what is.

American Stage Improv

From there, we went back to our hotel to change and get ready for dinner. After dinner we headed to American Stage Improv. Tickets were only $10 which we thought was a steal. There were about four groups of comedians doing different types of improv. It was great to go and do something different because we don’t have too many comedy shows back in here in Northwest Ohio. Okay, I lied…we don’t have any at all. We enjoyed just chillin’ and watching random people’s shenanigans all night. We’d definitely go back if we got the chance.


Monday morning we headed out for Universal Studios in Orlando. We headed for the best park of course, Adventure Island. We were originally debating between going to Disney or Universal but honestly Universal is so much more fun. Don’t get me wrong Disney is great too, but the rides at Universal are a lot more entertaining. Anyway, we started backwards through the park to beat some lines and it worked perfectly! We started at Cat in the Hat and ended on the Comic Strip. Our fav as always is the Harry Potter park. The set up is amazing and the butter beer is delicious. Yeah, okay honestly maybe just the butter beer. Yep, that’s why we went to Florida. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be 21…there is no alcohol involved. Just some creamy,  butterscotch deliciousness. Words honestly can’t describe it so go ahead and book your flights to Florida. You can thank me later.


After Universal, naturally we head to the one place where people who are #dairyfree love to go…Giordano’s. Mmm, yum. Cheesy deliciousness with a little crust and a couple of pepperonis. Wow, I could go for a slice right now. We downed a large pizza in a matter of minutes. Our waiter came back and said “wow, that was fast…do you need your check?”. Haha, oops. If you have never been to a Giordano’s, are you even living? The best deep dish pizza you will ever have in your life. If you’re from Ohio, they just put one in Columbus! Road trip anyone?

World’s Largest McDonald’s

After gaining 10 pounds from Giordano’s, we didn’t think that was enough. We headed down the road and spontaneously stopped at the World’s Largest McDonald’s. That place is everything, y’all. There is an elevator, a fish tank, an arcade, and they even serve pizza and pasta. What? Yeah you heard that right. Cool? Yes. Can you trust pizza and pasta from McDonalds…you tell me. What I can tell you is that I ordered an Oreo McFlurry and man, that was the best McFlurry I’ve ever had. If you’re ever in Orlando, you have to stop. Even if it’s just to use the restroom.


We ended our night in the cutest little Airbnb you ever did see. With it being only 10 minutes from the airport, it was in the perfect location! They had candy out for us, and they even had a Nintendo 64. Yeah, I know. Zach and I played for hours. We played until we realized how rusty we were and we got tired of losing. Then we headed to bed to wake up early and catch our flight back to Ohio.

Our quick trip to Florida was definitely one for the books. We had so much fun packed into a few shorts days and we would do it all over again in a heart beat. We learned that we love traveling with Zach and Kelsey and we’re going to have to do it more often (you know when/if our crazy schedules ever line up again). But that’s an adult friendship, right? That’s what makes it so much better though, when you finally get to hang out and you go on a random road trip together. We love these crazy, Jesus loving friends of ours and we can’t wait for their wedding day in just a few short months! It’s almost wedding time!

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