On this page you will find all about what Live Bold Look Bold has accomplished as a business thus far. Thank you for your interest in working with us! Enjoy!

Media Kit/PR

McKenna has been able to work with a few different companies thus far. She is currently working on many collaborations, and can’t wait to send them your way! This is a photography, hair, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle blog. McKenna offers to market your product on all of her social media sites, as well as a direct link to your website below. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course: her website/blog. McKenna does reviews of products, giveaways, tutorials, and so many more things that could benefit your product or services. One thing that sets McKenna apart from other bloggers is that she is in two different industries. Not only is she a cosmetologist, she is also a photographer. McKenna has found that her target market is interested in both services she offers because they go hand in hand. McKenna’s authentic personality, her attitude of service rather than benefit, and her faith all shape her into who she is as a blogger today. She would love to work with you!

McKenna has reviewed products from the companies listed below:


Sexy Hair

…more reviews coming soon!


  • I will combining my separate social media pages soon. Then you can find everything in one place!

Instagram: 881 (photography page)

417 (blog page)

552 (cosmetology page)

1,438 (personal page)

Total IG Followers: 3,288


Twitter: 330 (blog page)

622 (personal page)

Total Twitter Followers: 952

YouTube Channel: 34

BlogLovin’ App: COMING SOON

Facebook Fan Page: 330 (blog page)

902 (photography page)

262 (cosmetology page)

Facebook Total: 1,494

Pinterest: COMING SOON

Monthly Page Views (per wordpress): 1,406

Monthly Page Visitors (per wordpress): COMING SOON

Blog subscribers: 16


Page Rank: 1

Current Total Outreach: 7,190 people