Posted by on May 17, 2017

Brent and Larissa will be getting married in May of next year. I am so grateful this couple chose me to capture their wedding day! I was so excited to meet them and get their beautiful faces in front of my camera! When they first showed up, they told me I would have to pose them…but by the looks of it you would never be able to tell. They made very pose look perfect and effortless. They were absolutely amazing to work with, and we had a blast together. Brent is such a sweetheart and Larissa is GORGEOUS. We had some great laughs, and we had so much fun just hanging out. Pictures shouldn’t have to be hard, and they shouldn’t be stressful. I’m glad you guys were so loving and carefree. You made the session go by SO fast. It was over before I knew it…and those are the best sessions. Thank you guys for hanging out with me and letting me capture these stunning photos of you! I seriously can’t wait for your wedding. Larissa, you are going to make one beautiful bride!! Prayers for you two as you prepare for marriage!

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