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Oily roots? 

Only condition the bottom portion of you hair! When I shampoo my hair, I concentrate the shampoo on my roots. I concentrate the conditioner on my ends to make sure that they get moisturized, but i stay away from my roots, or they will get oily super quick! Many people don’t know this simple trick, but it works wonders! I also let my conditioner sit for about 2-5 minutes depending on how much time I have that day! I do this to make sure my ends soak up as much moisture as they can!

Having trouble getting bobby pins to stay in your hair without sliding out?

Make them stick! Bobby pins can sometimes be super slick and slide right out of your hair. I know how frustrating this can be especially when you’re in a rush because, let’s be real, we’re girls and we always run late! So instead of just foregoing the bobby pins and doing a different hairstyle, next time spray your bobby pin with a little hairspray first. This will give your bobby pin an extra grip and it will definitely stay in your hair better! My favorite hairspray to use is Big Sexy, but any hairspray will do.

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– McKenna

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