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Ahh! So, our wedding is only 9 DAYS away! Yay! That also means our honeymoon is only 9 DAYS away! Jacob and I are so grateful and excited to be visiting the Dominican Republic!! If you’ve not yet seen pictures of the DR, here is just one of the many beautiful pictures taken at this paradise!

When thinking about what we wanted out of our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to go to a beach somewhere. Jacob and I love to travel, and our favorite place is somewhere tropical. We both loved the idea of white sand, and clear water. We wanted to try out an all inclusive resort, because hello…ALL YOU CAN EAT. Haha, but for real we love the idea of not having to worry about extra expenses while we are there. Jacob researched many places online, and we both loved the look of Punta Cana! I will be blogging a few times while we are there to let you guys know how much fun we are having and to show you how beautiful it is! We have heard that there is an excursion where you hop on a boat for the day and go island hopping! Then the boat stops in the middle of nowhere at a man-made sandbar. You supposedly get out in the water thats only about waist deep, and you get to visit a ton of STARFISH. Oh. my. goodness. Does that not sound like the coolest thing ever?! Here is a photo of someone holding a starfish in Punta Cana!

If you search google, you find a ton of cool pictures people take holding the starfish. The picture shows about how big they are! That’s crazy to me! I’m definitely going to let Jacob hold them first so that he can tell me how all of their little tentacles feel, haha! It’s definitely now at the top of our bucket list and things to do in Punta Cana. As pictured, we will be staying at the 5-Star Majestic Colonia and we will definitely let you know how our trip goes!

We plan to travel a lot when we get married. I will be sure to share our top places to visit, and places to pass on. We want to let you know what we learn along the way so that your travel experience can be that much better.

Adios, talk to you soon!

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